What is the difference between the Hotel and Surf Camp?

The Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with an en suite bathroom and guests have access to both the Hotel and the Surf Camp amenities.

While, Surf Camp offers glamping/camping experience with cabana rental and area for tent pitching. Surf Camp guests do not have access to the Hotel rooms and amenities.

Where can I check availability and rates?

Click here to check for availability and rates.

Is the hotel open?

The hotel is still closed. Stay tuned for any updates!

Do you have a day trip option?

Yes! We do have an entrance only option for 350 which includes access to the communal toilet & bath, common area, and grill.

For cabana day trip rates, click here for details.

Do you have a tent pitching option?

Yes! Click here for details.

Due to limited capacity and operations, tent pitching is subject to availability. Slots for tent pitching will also be limited if available. 

(Send us a message on Facebook to confirm availability)

How much do you charge for extra persons?


The extra person fee is Php350 and extra child fee (3-6yo) is Php175 which includes:

  • Sanitation Kit
  • Access to the communal toilet & bath, common area, and grill.

Ages 0-2 are free of charge and not included in the total number of guests.

How much is the entrance fee at the Surf Camp?

You will no longer need to pay any additional entrance fees upon arrival. Extra person fees will apply in excess of included cabana occupants.

Small cabana included occupants: 2 guests only

Large Cabana included occupants: 4 guests only

How do I make a reservation?

We require full payment to confirm booking. Just click here to book, input details on required fields and proceed with payment. Paypal account and all major credit/debit cards are accepted.

No credit card or Paypal account? No problem! Send us a message so we can send you details for other payment methods.

Are walk-ins allowed?

We do accept walk-ins depending on availability!

Is there an age restriction?

No age restrictions.

Do I need to have an Antigen/RT-PCR test or present a health certificate?

Antigen and RT-PCR tests are no longer required. All guests 18 years old and above are required to be fully vaccinated.

Ages 17 and below are allowed as long as accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

The Hotel and Surf Camp are located 180 meters apart, just around a 2-3 minute walk.


How to get there?

Click here for directions.

What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in: 2:00PM
Check-out: 11:00AM

Do you allow early check-in/late check-out?

Both are allowed, depending on availability.

Cabanas: We allow early check-in free of charge, while late check-out is Php 120 per hour per cabana. Maximum of only 3 hours for late check-out.

What do I need to present upon arrival?

  1. Soft copy of the booking confirmation sent to your email or booking number.
  2. Valid government IDs
  3. Vaccination Cards
  4. If the credit card owner is not staying at the Surf Camp/Hotel, the guest must present a letter of authorization signed by the card owner and a copy of their valid government-issued photo ID.

Are pets allowed?

Your furry friends are allowed ONLY at the Surf Camp, free of charge! Owners must be responsible for their own pets. It is strongly advisable to keep dogs on a leash. Fish, insects, snakes and other dangerous or deadly animals are subject to approval.

Do I have to bring my own beddings if I am staying in a cabana overnight?

We do provide cushions and pillows. (2 sets for small cabanas and 4 sets for large cabanas) You may bring other sleeping paraphernalia like blankets and pillows if you’d like.

In case you forget, we have cushions, blankets, and pillows for rent at Php 100per item.

Do you provide towels and toiletries?

If you are staying at the Surf Camp, please bring your own towels and toiletries.

If I am staying at the Surf Camp, do I have access to the Swimming Pool?

Swimming pool access is for Hotel guests only.
*The swimming pool is currently closed.

Is it allowed to bring food and drinks?


Outside food is allowed. You may also bring food to grill if you like!
CORKAGE FEE: 50% for drinks available in our store
*At the moment, no corkage fee for imported alcohol*

What is your changes and cancellation policy?

Changes on your booking are allowed if made 4 days or more before the check-in date. This must be requested via e-mail or Facebook and acknowledged by Real Coast & Surf. Date change must be on the same month or the month after. Maximum of 2 changes per booking only.

NO CANCELLATION allowed for Weekend Bookings (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and Super Peak Season/Holidays.

Cancellation fees will be charged depending on the number of days prior to your booked date. All cancellations must be made via e-mail or Facebook messenger in order for us to accurately honor the cancellation date based on the time stamp. Fees are as follows (in days before booked date):

– 7 days or more:


A fee of Php 250 per cabana per night for BPI online transfer/Paypal/Credit Card Payments or Php 350 per cabana per night for deposit to other banks/provincial bank branches

– 3-6 days: 50% refund

– 1-2 days: NO refund

NO SHOW on the same day as the check-in date will incur a penalty fee equivalent to ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) of the total package amount and any down payment made is deemed non-refundable.


What are the safety protocols?

  • Temperatures are taken and health declaration forms are filled out upon arrival.
  • Cabanas are cleaned and sanitized before and after use.
  • UV-C lamp is used in the cabanas before each check-in.
  • The communal T&B is cleaned and sanitized every hour from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing stations are put in place for easy access.
  • Signages and reminders are put in place to make sure everyone is following health and safety protocols.
  • Sanitation kits are provided for each guest.

Do you accept credit cards at the resort?

We are on CASH BASIS transactions only on site. The nearest ATM is around 30-45 minutes away.

Is there parking?

Yes, we have a secured parking lot for our guests. Road side parking is also available subject to availability. Both are free of charge.

Is there WIFI or cellphone reception?

Our town is off-the-grid. We do not have WIFI, and the area does not get stable mobile signal yet. It makes it the perfect place to disconnect from technology and connect with family and friends!

Do you allow/offer bonfire?

Due to an updated Barangay Ordinance, bonfires/campfires are sadly no longer allowed.

What are your House Rules?

DO NOT LITTER. Keep the rooms, cabanas, tents and common areas clean.

NO SMOKING inside the rooms and cabanas. There are designated area for smoking. Please ask our Resort Attendants.

Deadly weapons and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited.

BE RESPONSIBLE. Please secure your rooms, cabanas, tents, boards, honeys and valuables properly. Management will not be liable for any loss or damage.

SAND OFF before entering the communal toilet and bath, common areas, cabanas, rooms and hallways.

BE CONSIDERATE of your fellow travellers. Do not play your music with super loudspeakers.

RESPECT the sun, sea, sand and resort. Damage to property shall entail charges.

FOLLOW safety protocols put in place to keep you, other guests, and our staff safe.

Enjoy the company of your family and friends. HAVE FUN!


To avoid getting wiped out, NEVER SWIM ALONE. The sea can get gnarly!

Be mindful of other surfers. Observe right of way. Share and ENJOY THE WAVES.

TIDY UP after yourself. Dispose off trash properly. Return your used platters, silvers and glasses by the Surf Shack.